Metal Stamping

Stamping describes an operation that simultaneously cuts, punches, forms and/or shapes metal sheets or coils.  Stamping is used primarily on long or intermediate production runs or to make a very large quantity of parts over time.  Stamping requires expensive specialty tools and dies, but when amortized over a large quantity of parts, stamping is by far the most cost effective method of manufacturing.  The cost of labor is almost negligible in a high volume stamping operation. Form & Fusion can meet or beat prices charged by  overseas competitors, and the turnaround time is much faster.     

Form & Fusion operates numerous stamping machines with a wide range of specialized capabilities. For big jobs, we use a Niagara 500 ton press with coil feeding capability. For heavy duty sheet metal work, we use an Amada COMA 50 Ton CNC Turret Punch Press.

Stamping Capacity:

O.B.I. press capacity - 6 machines
in the range 60-500 tons
Maximum material thickness - 
up to ½” depending on tooling
Maximum coil width – 20'
Maximum coil thickness - 1/4'

Punch Press Capacity

Niagara 25 ton to 550 ton      
Maximum forming material thickness –
up to 1/2” depending on tooling length.
Maximum coil width
Maximum coil thickness – ¼”
Maximum stroke - 12”
Stamping bed capacity 48” x 80”

Turret Press Capacity

55 tons
50 by 144
Maximum material thickness – 1/4”
Maximum sheet width – 120”
Maximum sheet depth – 50”


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